Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I Should Be Working.I Should Be Working.

I keep telling myself, its half term, time to sleep and work. Yet, I find myself saying this at 12 midnight, having done a bit of graphics and none of my sciences. Whoops. Tommorows a new dawn, and a new day. So, it's half term and I am throughly enjoying not having to go to school, which being at the end of, am getting sick of it. However once I am there love it. Obviously I just can't make my mind up about something that we are privileged to have. Now I'm making myself feel bad. One thing though I am doing is watching Miss Congeniality after eating a quarter of the best, tastiest and my favourite cake in the world: Victoria Sponge.>

Hmm.Hmmm.Hmm. Tasty. How can you resist something SO light and yum. So although I keep a scrapbook on paper am questioning whether to add more to this blog. Ahhhh...it can wait. Half term!!! Still thrilled. More work. By going to bed. Now. Or should be at least.


  1. Yum, those look really good. I could use one right now... nice blog by the way, I really like your drawings!

  2. why thanks!! like wise,I love food and the dishes on your blogs, they all look very yummy. please tell your friends to follow! :))