Saturday, 12 February 2011

I have a blog?

Oh no! as Mrs Doubtfire would say (amazing film), I forgot I even had one of these. Yet it is distracting me from my RE homework. Oh and RE homework it is indeed. Another essay. Yes.

Re lessons are so stupid these days, full of these ignorant narrow minded debates, it seems people that stick their hand up so readily are losing the whole concept of an argument. Recently the never ending debate of science and religion has come up. But as I used to stand up and say what I have wanted to, I have in the last 3 months switched off entirely. The sides being as follows: devout christians vs atheists.(no surprise there). And gosh no! This is not why I switch though, no don't get me wrong, I am happy to debate. Life's a debate I say. But the reason is, whatever is said will be swiftly ignored by some bulldozing sameish argument. And a good debater, as we are learning in english, MOVES ON from the SAME FRICKIN point, onto seeing what the views of others are about. If they don't wanna listen why make a noise? One of the most annoying things though is that some of the people in the class including my teacher, paints any christian who doesn't believe in evolution as closed minded. My mind is very open but why should evolution be a marker though on whether the christian world is open to SCIENCE as a whole? Brace ourselves though because about 8 lessons worth of rant is coming out now.

If science is right religion is not needed some would say. This is not the point in life at all though. It is in our being as humans to have something greater in ourselves to follow. Without faith the world becomes something of things we only can quantify in our own human minds which, is nothing compared to God. Its by our own arrogance we have become more independent of God, thinking we can solve and have all the answers. Even when we do think this however, for instance the discovery of atoms, we are still nowhere near to the truth, as later on recently a smaller particle called quark has been discovered. As generation pass, we are losing the WHOLE concept and completely missing the idea of a faith.

At the end of the day a religion is a faith. There is no point in thinking that we have to find the answers to everything in our superiority, for what is the point in a faith if it does not require what is says on the tin: FAITH. Faith isn’t seeing the explanation and therefore choosing to believe. It is far from that I believe. It is the humble act of choosing to follow and submit yourself, because you choose to. Not because through experiments, arguments, debate and extensive research it has been proven for all to see that this is explainable, but because it says so in the Bible, and the Bible is written by God who we, as Christians have chosen out of our own free will to follow. Without religion and with mere facts and science then culture and humanity would be shapeless, existing in a black hole of cyclic debate.

QED and back to RE

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