Monday, 13 September 2010


O my i'm a year 11. One of those intimidating big people which grunt down the tech block. Not that I grunt. I don't actually have time to blog yet these keys are drawing me. SO MUCH HAS CHANGED! In a good and could be better way. But hey, I still love my life. VERY important lesson this week: be yourself. Honestly most people spend most of their lives trying to please others and it's tiring. I learnt that I am going to do what I would like and be who I want to be whether people like. Sounds primary school but I am learning it. I want to shave my head, I like my hair short then I will do it because it's mine. Whether others like it or not. Metaphor btw, not the best one. I think I sound like Mr Tyrell in our English class. Not that I want to shave ANY of my very bery long strands EVER. I mean it's only logic, eveyone has their own opinion so make sure you stick to yours. Not in an arrogant way but there goes me analysing.....Well, confidence in mind and body is key also, now I feel i'm drifting off. O well, I have less than a week till me collection goes on the catwalk at LONDON Fashion Week !! Very buzzed. Never thought my clothes would be there, designed and made and all. Did I just say BUZZED? So much to tell. Quite warming to the idea of doing this now when I have eveything to do. My mind is like NYC traffic. And there hangs the question: " WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE?!". But I am not stressed as I know I am not the one controlling it, thank God. Actually, THANK YOU God.


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